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Interall Srl is the marketing division of Italtecno Srl and a specialized publisher of technical magazines and books on aluminium extrusion and surface treatments of aluminium.

As marketing division, Interall organizes international and national events and marketing campaigns, both related to aluminium.

About the international events, Interall organizes a biennial congress, the Aluminium Two Thousand Congress, where participants come from all over the world and the event reaches over than 400 participants.(

The national events are seminars about latest aluminium news and there are two seminar per year, usually. (

As publishing house, Interall prints a quarterly magazine, the Aluminium Extrusion and Finishing Magazine, where you can find extrusion, finishing and aluminium news, and scientific articles. You can also download the magazine from our portal (

Interall is also the global official seller of Arthur W. Brace books: The Technology Of Anodizing Aluminium, Anodic Coating Defects and Hard Anodizing Of Aluminium. (


We exist to bring people together through inspiring shared experiences connecting them with new ideas, possibilities and opportunities.

Customers are our priority; everything we do is driven by our customers’ needs.

During the years, we became a trusted partner for business in aluminium sector and to guarantee value and opportunities to our customers.


The 12th Aluminium Two Thousand World Congress has been postponed from 2021 to May 2022.

The joint venture with the ICEB (International Conference on Extrusion Benchmark) has been renewed, so that the event will be in collaboration with the Department of Industrial Engineering from the University of Bologna (DIEM, Department of Mechanical, Nuclear, Aeronautical and Metallurgical Construction Engineering and SMETEC, Department of Science of Metals, Electrochemistry and Chemical Techniques).

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Alu Iceb


INTERALL Srl, was founded in 1982 as a specialized publisher of technical magazines and books on aluminium extrusion and surface treatments of aluminium.

Since 1990, Interall organizes international congresses and seminars on aluminium.
Among all these seminars and congresses, Aluminium Two Thousand Congress has become the “not-to-be-missed” international event of the aluminium industry.

Interall is always present at the major international events of the “aluminium world” and assures first-class up-to-date information through a chain of top-level international co-operators.

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