Finally a Nickel-Free Low Temperature Seal With Medium Temperature Ageing

The nickel-free HARDWALL ECO L&F low temperature sealing process allows sealing of anodic oxide layers on aluminium and its alloys to be carried out at room temperature. The result is a perfect quality seal suitable for outdoor corrosion resistance including industrial and marine environments.
HARDWALL ECO L&F is an ecological process completely free from nickel and other toxic compounds.
HARDWALL ECO L&F requires an ageing step with HARDWALL NNS to be done at a minimum temperature of 65 °C.

Anodized aluminium is completely free from greenish shade that happens with nickel based products.
• Vastly reduced energy consumption compared with traditional sealing processes.
• No bloom residue on sealed product.
• The process is completely ecological.
• No toxic products.
• HARDWALL ECO L&F process is composed of two liquid products very easy to be dosed. No dissolution of powder products.
The tests passed for the sealing quality control are:
• Modified Dye Spot Test according to ASTM B-136.
• Acid dissolution test according to ASTM B-680.
• Weight loss test according to ISO 3210.
• All tests required by Qualanod